Platform vs. Application—the KM Conundrum

2 minute read
Posted by Ron Aspe, CEO on 12/13/2018

The biggest mistake people make when selecting a KM system is to choose a platform instead of an application. The business case is dazzlingly simple—yet many organizations overlook it.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, KM Software

How to Find the Best Museum Grant Funding Opportunity

4 minute read
Posted by Rachael Cristine Woody on 12/12/2018

One of the hardest aspects of the grant acquisition process is finding appropriate funding opportunities that match the museum’s proposed project. Many facets of the grant acquisition process can be taught and replicated, but conducting grant prospect research is an area that will change each time a new project needs funding.

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Topics: Museums, Funding, Strategy

Artificial Intelligence: Technology Trends that Aren’t “Out-There” Anymore!

10 minute read
Posted by Stephen Abram on 12/11/2018

In a recent post, I listed nine newer technologies not just on the horizon but quickly having an impact on both the consumer space and coming fast into our spaces—libraries, archives, museums, and galleries (the so-called GLAM sector).

For the next nine posts I’ll highlight some of the trends in each and explore the impact they may have on our profession and sector(s).

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Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Technology

SKCA and Inmagic Presto: The Archives Dream Team

2 minute read
Posted by Lucidea on 12/10/2018

The Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives (AJA) is located on the Cincinnati campus of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. It was established in 1947 by renowned historian Dr. Jacob Rader Marcus to collect, preserve, and make available for research, materials on the history of Jews and Jewish communities in the Western Hemisphere.

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Topics: Archives, Collections Management, Inmagic Presto, KM

How to make friends and influence organizations to adopt KM

4 minute read
Posted by Stan Garfield on 12/6/2018

Selling is like a journey—there is no finish line. Remember that getting buy-in to KM is an ongoing, permanent process. You are selling all the time!

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Topics: Knowledge Management, KM, Strategy

Identifying Museum Funding Roadblocks

3 minute read
Posted by Rachael Cristine Woody on 12/5/2018

If your museum isn’t applying for grants or hasn’t been successful with previous applications, you need to understand why in order to circumnavigate the roadblock. This is a necessary first step before any grant work can begin. Self-reflection, outside assessment, and solicited expertise are employed whenever a personal or professional roadblock comes up—and the same applies here. It’s time to unblock your writer’s block and get back (or jump in) to grant writing.

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Topics: Museums, Funding, Strategy, Professional Development

Librarians and Technology #2—Evaluating New Software, Databases or Technology

4 minute read
Posted by Miriam Kahn, MLS, PhD on 12/4/2018

Evaluating new technology is often a daunting task. Break it down into its component parts to determine if it fulfills your needs. Always keep in mind how the new technology supports your mission, improves the services you provide, and enhances access to your collections and curated information.

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Topics: Special Libraries, Technology, ILS, Integrated Library Systems

Preserve, Curate, or Steward? Changing Definitions in Digital Preservation

3 minute read
Posted by Margot Note on 12/3/2018

Digital preservation is a series of managed activities necessary to ensure continued access to digital materials for the highest utility—and for as long as possible or necessary. Archivists work to save bits and bytes beyond the limits of media failure, software obsolescence, and technological change. The phrase “digital preservation,” however, has been questioned because it may not sufficiently describe what needs to occur for digital materials to be accessible over time.

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Topics: Digital Archives, Collections Management

20 Questions Your KM Application or ILS Should Help Answer

2 minute read
Posted by Lucidea on 11/29/2018

If you are planning to buy an ILS or KM system, or want to migrate/upgrade, you need to think about your organizations’ needs both strategically and tactically in order to select the right platform. Here are 20 questions to ask yourself that will help.

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Topics: Knowledge Management Software, KM, Integrated Library Systems

2019 Master Plan for Museum Professionals

3 minute read
Posted by Rachael Cristine Woody on 11/28/2018

Winter is my favorite time to prepare for the year ahead. Regardless of when the fiscal year ends, the end of the calendar year is a natural point in time for us to take stock of the year that’s passed and prepare for the next twelve months. This is an opportune time to review goals for the year ahead and what it will take to get there.

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Topics: Museums, Professional Development, Project Management

Don’t Just Be Integrated: Be Integral – Download SLA 2018 Hot Topics Whitepaper

2 minute read
Posted by Lucidea on 11/27/2018

During this year’s Hot Topics Panel discussion, “Don’t Just Be Integrated: Be Integral”, moderator Stephen Abram and our panelists focused on how special librarians can go beyond integration with organizational imperatives—and become integral to organizational success.

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Topics: Professional Development, Special Libraries, Marketing

Shifting Concepts of Preservation in a Digital World

2 minute read
Posted by Margot Note on 11/26/2018

As our understanding of digital preservation, curation, and stewardship matures, archivists and other information professionals have begun to question some of our assumptions about preservation. To address current needs, the practices we have developed and taken for granted for decades are transforming in the digital environment.

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Topics: Archives, Collections Management, Digital Archives

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