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Relevance and its Rewards — For Museum, Library and KM Professionals Interested in Mattering More, to More People

Posted by Lucidea on 1/6/2017

nina-simon-art-of-relevance.jpgWe recently offered a webinar presented by museum evangelist and strategist Nina Simon, where she drew upon research for her book, The Art of Relevance, and offered substantive, creative, inspiring and practical advice on how to increase your organization’s relevance to the communities you hope to engage. Interestingly, in Nina’s role as speaker, she offers advice that applies whether you work in a library, a museum, a theater, a park, an academic institution or a corporation. It’s all relevant.

During our webinar, Ms. Simon discussed proven methods of moving from “rags-to-relevance” and shared success stories about how museums can matter more to more people. These anecdotes, insights and best practices show what success looks like — for museums and for other organizations. Earlier in her career, Ms. Simon attended many conferences in all different fields, including museums, libraries, parks, and theaters. She observed that the imperative to “make the work relevant” was a continuing theme.

The idea of relevance inspired “attraction, suspicion, and confusion about what relevance truly is, why it matters in our institutions, and how it can be used to help us matter more, to more people.” Please enjoy the full webinar and hear about Ms. Simon’s research and recommendations on relevance and its rewards.


Topics: Library Management, Knowledge Management, Museums, Collections Management Software, Strategy