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Museum Social Media and the Museum Collections Management System

Posted by Rachael Cristine Woody on 3/6/2019

Sharing museum objects online is a practice most museums are implementing on a regular basis. However, with the evolution of social media, digital user expectations, and museum collections management systems (CMS), it’s not always easy to know where, what, and how to share. This post will provide basic guidelines for sharing digital objects from the museum CMS in museum social media.

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Topics: Social Media, Museum Collections Management Software, Customer Engagement

Client Engagement in Special Libraries—What is it?

Posted by Stephen Abram on 12/18/2018

This blog post on client engagement in special libraries is inspired by a reader comment. Thanks!

“I appreciate Stephen Abram's tips. Could you talk more of 'engagement'? How can special librarians 'engage' employees? THANK YOU!”

This reader comment has inspired me to think more deeply about how special librarians and information professionals need to behave differently on the customer engagement front. Yes, special librarians are different!

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Topics: Professional Development, Special Libraries, Customer Engagement

KM Success Stories

Posted by Stan Garfield on 9/27/2018

Timely communication is critical to successfully introducing a new KM initiative and keeping users and advocates informed on progress and the positive impact of knowledge management.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, Training, KM, Customer Engagement

KM User Assistance: The Knowledge Help Desk

Posted by Stan Garfield on 9/20/2018

Offering one-on-one support is a very personal and individualized approach to KM communications. Build a team of people who provide support to users by phone, email, chat, enterprise social network (ESN), and screen sharing.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, Training, KM, Customer Engagement

Successful KM Platforms Offer a Great User Experience

Posted by Stan Garfield on 9/6/2018

In order for users to adopt and continually leverage your KM program, you must make it easy for them to access people, process, and technology components. This includes providing an intranet, portal site, or mobile app with obvious links to the available resources. Allow users to quickly navigate to the appropriate sites or apps based on their role, business process stage, and current requirements.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, Training, KM, Customer Engagement

KM and Gamification: Examples of Tangible Rewards

Posted by Lucidea on 8/30/2018

Our KM Conversation webinar series included a chat with knowledge management evangelist and expert Stan Garfield about using gamification techniques, including offering tangible rewards for participation in a KM program.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, KM, Customer Engagement

Articulate Your KM Vision

Posted by Stan Garfield on 8/23/2018

In order to motivate those in your organization to embrace knowledge management, you must be able to passionately describe the end-state vision for your program. What does KM look like when it’s working? Establish a vision for how knowledge management should work, and relentlessly work towards making that vision a reality.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, Training, KM, Customer Engagement

How to Develop a KM Training Plan

Posted by Stan Garfield on 6/14/2018

Education is required when introducing a new KM initiative, during roll out across your organization, and as a key part of ongoing implementation. You must continue to offer training in a variety of ways; once is never sufficient. Please read on to learn the elements of a knowledge management training program, drawn from my new book, Proven Practices for Promoting Knowledge Management.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, Training, KM, Customer Engagement