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Stormy Librarian Tackles Challenges Special Librarians Recognize

Posted by Sotto Voce Communications on 10/1/2015

There’s quite a list of information and knowledge management challenges common to special librarians the world over, no matter what sector, organization size or geography. Strategies to solve these are important for the sustainability of the profession, and help is on the way. You might recognize many (and possibly all!) of the unique challenges faces by today’s special librarians as they strive to increase visibility, value and relevance to their organizations. These include:

  • Harnessing content that resides beyond the library catalog
  • Integrating with information silos built on differing technologies
  • Navigating a veritable storm of data and information once access is opened up 
  • Eliminating the need for employees to reinvent the wheel or make decisions with incomplete information 
  • Fully leveraging expensive knowledge assets for maximum return on investment

Information ubiquity, lack of integration and lack of access – either structured or via discovery – are the thorny problems of forward thinking special librarians who want to offer a unified approach to classic library automation and knowledge management. These problems and need are so prevalent that one progressive software company (global industry veteran Lucidea) has developed their newest flagship library automation application (SydneyEnterprise) with problem solving and powerful knowledge management capabilities built right in – and they’ve even published a lighthearted video where The Stormy Librarian highlights the issues and starts a conversation. If you are grappling with similar problems and challenges, check out the video above, learn more about how SydneyEnterprise can help you move to the sunny side of the street, or request a demo.

Topics: Library Management, Knowledge Management