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Why Electronic Resource Management is Important in Special Libraries

Posted by Lucidea on 11/20/2018

It used to be considered inappropriate for library staff to monitor the usage patterns of their end users, but for today’s special libraries, tracking and acting upon the insights gained is essential for delivering the best in content, tools and services.

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Topics: Electronic Resource Management, Integrated Library Systems, Special Libraries

Evidence-Based Decision Making on-the-Fly

Posted by Ron Aspe, CEO on 7/11/2017

Pilots can’t fly unless they have instruments that tell them what the plane is doing at all times, and where it’s heading. KM professionals need instruments too, in order to assess whether the products and services they are providing are valued, and to understand what additional products and services might be needed.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, Electronic Resource Management, Knowledge Management Systems, LookUp Precision

Managing Online Research Resources – There are 9+1 Reasons You Should

Posted by Marcus Liban on 11/24/2015

Organizations of all kinds spend a significant amount of money on electronic content and research tools – but often have no way of knowing if that’s money well spent. Proactive management of your portfolio with an ERM (electronic resource management) application is critical, whether you are a law firm, a nonprofit or a corporate multinational.

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Topics: Library Management, Knowledge Management, Electronic Resource Management