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Museum Online Presence: Critical to Income Stream

Posted by Rachael Cristine Woody on 3/12/2019

Museum online presence is not a new area of museum work, and yet it is widely considered a fledgling or niche area. The physical aspects of a museum traditionally receive more staff attention and a larger amount of the operating budget than its online counterpart.

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Topics: Museums, Funding, Visitor Engagement, Digital Museums

5 Prompts to Prioritize Museum Digitization Projects

Posted by Rachael Cristine Woody on 2/20/2019

In our digital age, museum digitization projects seem to always be on the agenda at museums. Until 100% of museum collections are online, there’s more work to do, and if a museum is in active acquisition there may never be a day when every object of the museum has a digital surrogate online. With so many areas of the museum collection to choose from, how do we begin to prioritize our digitization efforts?

Below are my top 5 prompts to consider when deciding the museum’s next digitization and cataloging project.

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Topics: Museum Collections Management Software, Digital Museums