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Best Practice Knowledge Management is Content Plus Connection, Part Two

Librarians and Technology Part 6: Active Listening Enhances Focus

Museum Online Presence: Critical to Income Stream

How to Define Archival Project Roles

Best Practice Knowledge Management is Content Plus Connection, Part One

Museum Social Media and the Museum Collections Management System

Machine-Based Active Listening in Libraries: Technology Trends that Aren’t that Out-There Anymore!

How to Build a Successful Archival Project Team

Fundamentals of Knowledge Management

Creating a Museum Grant Writing Roadmap for 2019

Librarians and Technology #5: Embracing Focus & Increasing Productivity

Managing Expectations for Archival Projects: Tips for Archives Project Managers

Killer KM Apps Include Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs)

5 Prompts to Prioritize Museum Digitization Projects

Internet of Things and Libraries: Technology Trends that Aren’t “Out-There” Anymore!

KM: 10 Elements of Effective Knowledge Ecosystems

How to Evaluate a Museum Digital Collection

Predictions for Social Media in Libraries: Technology Trends that Aren’t “Out-There” Anymore!

Stakeholder Management in Archival Projects

Knowledge Management Best Practices: Reuse What’s Worked

The Importance of Sustainable Museum Cataloging & How to Achieve It

Machine-based Learning in Special Libraries: Tech Trends that Aren’t “Out-There” Anymore!

Developing Leadership Skills with Archival Projects

Increasing User Adoption of Knowledge Management Tools and Technology

3 Things to Look for When Choosing a Museum Collections Management System

Librarians and Technology #4: Troubleshooting Steps for Librarians

Characteristics of Effective Archival Project Managers

Working Out Loud: Benefits for Knowledge Management

To Be, or Not to Be: Virtual-Only Museums

Augmented Reality in Libraries: Technology Trends that Aren’t “Out-There” Anymore!

Digital Archives: How and Why to Write Digital Preservation Policy

Proven Knowledge Management Methodologies

Museums in Financial Trouble: Sell, Close, or Plan a Museum Merger?

4 Ways Special Librarians Can Demonstrate Value and Impact

Preserving Digital Archives: Choosing Which Digital Archives to Preserve

10 Guidelines for Leveraging Push Communication to Promote KM Initiatives

Reimagining Museum Engagement for Younger Generations

Librarians and Technology #3: How to Write Software Reviews (Databases, Services Too)

Digital Archives: Choosing Sustainable File Formats

Readers’ Choice: Favorite KM Blog Posts of 2018

Readers’ Choice: Favorite Museum Blog Posts of 2018

Readers’ Choice: Favorite Library Blog Posts of 2018

Readers’ Choice: Favorite Archives Blog Posts of 2018

Is SharePoint Really a KM application?

How and When a Museum Should Hire a Grant Specialist

Client Engagement in Special Libraries—What is it?

Expanding Digital Preservation Collaboration

Platform vs. Application—the KM Conundrum

How to Find the Best Museum Grant Funding Opportunity

Artificial Intelligence: Technology Trends that Aren’t “Out-There” Anymore!

SKCA and Inmagic Presto: The Archives Dream Team

How to make friends and influence organizations to adopt KM

Identifying Museum Funding Roadblocks

Librarians and Technology #2—Evaluating New Software, Databases or Technology

Preserve, Curate, or Steward? Changing Definitions in Digital Preservation

20 Questions Your KM Application or ILS Should Help Answer

2019 Master Plan for Museum Professionals

Don’t Just Be Integrated: Be Integral – Download SLA 2018 Hot Topics Whitepaper

Shifting Concepts of Preservation in a Digital World

RTI Digitization in the Museum

Why Electronic Resource Management is Important in Special Libraries

Scalability of Digital Preservation: The Right Fit for All

KM Secret: Documents and Presentations

How to Increase Museum Conference ROI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – An Important Tool for Special Librarians

Knowledge Leadership – Thoughts from Euan Semple

How to Conference on a Museum Budget

Learning Something Every Day – Librarians and Technology

Skills Building for Digital Preservation

KM Secret: Improve Findability Part Two

Ready to Read: A Survivor’s Guide to Museum Grant Writing

On-Site or Off-Site Storage - Part 5: A History of this Long-term Solution

The Data Economy: Funding Sustainable Digital Preservation

KM Secret: Improve Findability Part One

Relevance & The Museum’s Role in Social Wellbeing

Tech Trends: Moving Beyond Transactions to Interpreting Behaviours

Integrating Digital Preservation into Your Archives Program

Successful KM Programs Require User Input

Museums: Actions for Integrating Empathy

Migrating to a New ILS/LMS Doesn’t Have to Hurt

Nuts & Bolts of Scope Statements for Archival Projects

Working Out Loud: Benefits for KM

Museums: Cultivators of Empathy

On-Site or Off-Site Storage – Part 4: Inclusion in Security and Disaster Prevention and Planning

Best Ways for KM Leaders to Partner with IT

Making Museums Accessible

Capstone Post: Part 6—How do We Align Research Results with Decision-Making?

Eliciting Archival Project Requirements

KM Success Stories

The Decay of Museums Leads to Irreparable Loss

Knowledge Ecosystems and the Pivotal Role of the Special Librarian

Gathering Requirements for Archival Projects

KM User Assistance: The Knowledge Help Desk

The Value of Cultural Heritage Experiences in the Museum

On-Site or Off-Site Storage – Part 3: Preservation and Access

Developing Goals and Objectives for Archival Projects

Can Artificial Intelligence Make Knowledge Management Sexy?

3D Digitization in the Museum – Part 2:  LIDAR

On-site or Off-site Storage – Part 2: Making Decisions

Identifying Worthwhile Archival Projects

Successful KM Platforms Offer a Great User Experience

3D Digitization in the Museum – Part 1: Photogrammetry

SydneyEnterprise & The Penang House of Music - Access to Musical Heritage

KM and Gamification: Examples of Tangible Rewards

Who Owns Digital Culture? An Important Question Museums Must Consider

On-site or Off-site Storage – Part 1: Implications of Storing Materials Off-site

Archives Collection-Level Description: Pros & Cons

Articulate Your KM Vision

The End of Net Neutrality & The Museum Digital Visitor

Cialdini: The Rules of Influence

Archives & Item-Level Description: An Integrated Approach

10 Tips for Starting a KM Program

The Future of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) in Museums

Community and Asset Mapping for Special Librarians

The Current State of Description for Archives

Three Keys to KM leadership

Working Your Museum’s Problems to Find Solutions

Embedded Librarians Never Stop Learning

Metadata Best Practices

How to Sell KM to Leaders–Part Three

Museum Grant Application: What Happens if You Fail?

Part 4: How Embedded Librarians Add Value to Catalogues and Databases

Metadata for Archival Collections: Challenges and Opportunities

How to Sell KM to Leaders – Part Two

Museum Project Break Down—A Template

Part Five: Aligning Research Results with Decision-Making—Mind Mapping and Boxes

Ethical, Legal, and Cultural Considerations for Digital Archival Projects

How to Sell KM to Leaders – Part One

Museums with Zero Funding—Stop Saying These 4 Phrases

Part Four: Aligning Research Results with Decision-Making—SWOT and Fish Bones

Archives: Values to Consider During Selection for Digitization

13 KM Insights for Successful Knowledge Managers

Argus Turns a Museum’s Challenge into a Success; Carpe Diem

Part Three: Aligning Research Results with Decision-Making—Tools to Inspire Creativity and Encourage Divergent Thinking

Archives: Digital Imaging and Resolution Recommendations

Image Description Practices for Digital Archives Projects

Part Two: Knowledge Management Networking Secrets

Part Two: Aligning Research Results with Decision-Making—Thinking About Thinking (Edward de Bono)

Inmagic Presto V5.0 – Knowledge Management Software Informed by Our Clients

5 Times LAMs Should Bring in a Consultant

Part One: Aligning Research Results with Decision-Making—SWOT, 4-Squares, Fish Bones, and More

Selection for Digitization – Best Practices

Part One: Knowledge Management Networking Secrets

When Your Archives and Special Collections Aren't Special

Dedicated or part time embedded librarians: What works best for your organization?

In-house and Outsourced Archives Digitization

How to Develop a KM Training Plan

Navigating the Museum | Archive Relationship

The Right ILS for You—Do You Build or Buy?

Best Practices for Planning a Digitization Project

Inmagic Presto Brings a Town’s History to Life – The Sudbury Archives

Define Museum Success & Measure It

What Does Success Look Like for the Special Library? SLA 2017 Hot Topics Panel (Revisited)

Staffing and Collaboration for Digital Archival Projects

Accelerate KM Adoption through Point Scoring

How to Best Leverage Museum Volunteers

Ready to Read: Succeeding in the World of Special Librarianship

Part 2: Benefits and Value of Embedded Special Librarianship

KM Adoption Can be Increased Through Gamification Techniques

Effective Technology Training for Museum Volunteers & Interns

Digital Archives & The American College of Surgeons

10 Principles for Successful KM Communities

The Intersection of Libraries, Archives & Museums

Why an Integrated Library System (ILS) is Key to Your Independence

Keys to Developing a Comprehensive Archives Collection Development Policy

5 Educational Elements of Knowledge Management

8 Tips to a Bulletproof Grant Proposal

Part 1: Embedded Librarians and Information Professionals—In the Thick of Things

How to Determine the Feasibility of Digital Archives Projects

Holistic KM

Timeless Collections Management—Argus for Now, Argus for the Future

6 Keys to Special Library Sustainability

Three Fundamental Digital Preservation Strategies

How are Your Organization's Technology Apps Reviewed and Approved?

Museum Grant Pitfalls—Know & Avoid Them

Why Special Libraries are Important Destinations

Copyright Fundamentals for Cultural Heritage Institutions

Knowledge Management for Success: Reuse Proven Practices

Top 4 Funding Ideas for Museums

SydneyEnterprise is the Law Firm Library Efficiency Engine

Why Digital Archives Expand Access and Awareness

How to Turn Searching into Discovery

Special Libraries and Evidence Based Decision Making

Solutions to Common Law Firm KM Challenges

How to Leverage Jargon, and Why It’s Important

KM Programs: Implement, Improve, and Iterate

Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Home, AR, AI, Machine Learning and the Special Librarian

Part Two: Why Content + Connection = KM 3.0

Part Three: Building Your KM Nest – 5 More Strategies for Special Librarians

Part One: Why Content + Connection = KM 3.0

Part Two: Building Your KM Nest – 5 of 10 Strategies for Special Librarians

Seeking Outside Help: Tips for Knowledge Managers

Part One: Building Your KM Nest - What Did Einstein Know about Knowledge Management?

10 Important Elements of an Organizational Knowledge Ecosystem

Part Two: How to Leverage Analytics in Your Special Library

How to Hold Successful “Face-to-Face” KM Meetings

Part One: How to Leverage Analytics in Your Special Library

RISE Innventia’s Library & Presto: Uniquely Positioned to Serve the Pulp & Paper Sector

Marketing Your Library: The Benefits For Special Libraries

How Knowledge Managers Can Become (and Mentor) “Power Knowledge Workers”

Is There Such a Thing as Information Overload?

How to Think About Knowledge Management Now

Access is Not Equal to Know-how

How Your KM Platform Can Provide a Great User Experience

Future Ready: The Emerging New Library/Librarian Experience

Compassion in Action; Inmagic Presto and Humanitarian Aid

Openness and the Embedded Library Experience

Find a Killer KM App

Innovation: No Excuses

5 Ways You Can Get the Most from a Software Demo

Blogging as a Special Librarian

Law Firm KM Landscape: Solutions to Common Challenges

Solo Librarians and Peer Mentoring

Elevator Speeches: No Magic Beans

Social KM is Better KM

Museums and Millennials – The Art of Engagement

Components of a KM Training Plan

Part Four: Client Engagement in Special Libraries—Simple Tactics to Build On

How (and Why) My Favorite Brick and Mortar Bookstore Continues to Thrive

Part Three: Client Engagement in Special Libraries—What are the skills and competencies for engagement?

Part Two: Benefits of Knowledge Management

Part Two: Client Engagement in Special Libraries—Tracking and engaging your clients

Part One: Benefits of Knowledge Management

Part One: Client Engagement in Special Libraries—What is it?

Is Artificial Intelligence All That and a Bag of Chips?

Why Won’t People Share Knowledge, and What Can You do About It?

How to Break the Gravitational Pull of Legacy Software Applications

5 out of 5 Stars for a “rich and practical source of proven KM programs and practices”

No Collar, No Library Service? Surely Not…

Knowing the Difference Between What’s Urgent and What’s Important

A New Purpose for KM Systems: Enabling Knowledge Creation

Part 3: The Single Most Important KM “Sale” You Can Make

Earning the Right to Give Advice

Ready to Read: Proven Practices for Promoting a Knowledge Management Program

Part 3: 33 Tips to Increase Innovation Capacity in your Library

Part 2: The Single Most Important KM “Sale” You Can Make

Part 2: 33 Tips to Increase Innovation Capacity in your Library

Part 1: The Single Most Important KM “Sale” You Can Make

Part 1: 33 Tips to Increase Innovation Capacity in your Library

3 Tenets of Customer Service

Watching the Future: Tracking Library Trends

Robust KM is all about Supplements!

Curation: Buzzword or What?

Platform vs. Application—Help for Building a Business Case

Are Librarians Experts?

Workplace Information Literacy: It’s Different

Part Three: Working Across the Generations—Nobody Likes to be Labeled

Part Two: Working Across the Generations

The True Cost of Open Source—There is Nothing Cheap about Free

Part One: Working Across the Generations—Getting Over the Hump

SharePoint, SQL and Online Dating

SydneyEnterprise and the Masonic Library: Good, Better, Best

Do You Understand How Your Organization’s Technology Apps are Reviewed and Approved?

Is Virtual Networking the Best Option for Solo Librarians?

Evidence-Based Decision Making on-the-Fly

Going it Alone? The Professional Development Secrets of Solo Librarians

Solo Success: Time Management Apps for Solo Librarians

How Can You Nurture a Knowledge-Sharing Culture?

Presto and DB/TextWorks Support Humanitarian Aid Delivered by Surgeons Worldwide

End User Tracking—Turn Insights into Action

Effective Knowledge Managers—Do You Recognize These Traits?

Is your ILS or KM Platform Multi-Faceted?

How Do Ideas Grow?

Develop a Tailored KM Strategy with Proven Knowledge Management Components

Part Three: Special Libraries’ Evolving Role—Continued Success Requires a Business Strategy

How to be a Great KM Communicator

Part Two: Special Libraries’ Evolving Role—Continued Success Requires a Business Strategy

Part One: Special Libraries’ Evolving Role—Continued Success Requires a Business Strategy

Proven Knowledge Management Methodologies—Arrows in the KM Quiver

Part Six – Overcoming 6 Challenges to Special Library Sustainability

10 Questions Your ILS Should Help Answer

10 Questions Your KM System Should Help Answer

Presto for DB/Textworks Ultimately Helps Increase Workplace Safety, Minimize Risk

When is a KM Tool not a Tool?

Part Five – Overcoming 6 Challenges to Special Library Sustainability

What Does Successful Knowledge Management Look Like? 11 Key Attributes

Part Four – Overcoming 6 Challenges to Special Library Sustainability

Presto Connects Transportation Scientists and the Public with Lifesaving Research

Do You Deliver Content via Your Organization’s Website? Upward Mobility is Key!

Global Navigation Enhancements—What’s on the Menu?

Knowledge Management—as Easy as Falling off a Bike?

Part Three—Overcoming 6 Challenges to Special Library Sustainability

Think Clearly Blog Favorite: What Does Success Look Like?

Part Two—Overcoming 6 Challenges to Special Library Sustainability

Why Sharing Your Library’s Successes is about more than Celebrating

Part One—Overcoming 6 Challenges to Special Library Sustainability

Is Your Library Ready for Generation Z?

The Librarian’s Secret Weapon

Serendipity—Enabling “Happy Accidents” is both Art and Science

Archives Collections Management Applications—the Buy Versus Build Conundrum

What Could You have in Common with The Metropolitan Museum of Art?

Becoming Even More Relevant to your Target Audience: Webinar Reprise

The Arizona State Archives—Fulfilling their Mission to Increase Public Access

The Stormy Librarian Goes Back in Time

Peer Mentoring is a Great Professional Development Option for Solo Librarians

Relevance and its Rewards — For Museum, Library and KM Professionals Interested in Mattering More, to More People

The American Physical Therapy Association—Small Library; Big Impact; Exciting Plans

Baylor University Libraries and Archives plus SKCA–Inspiration, Discovery and Impact

Artificial Intelligence and Your Career—A Lighthearted Look

VIM and Vigor—The Secrets to a Great KM Application

KM and Gamification Techniques: The Circle of Excellence

Find and Leverage Your Innovation Edge

Going it Alone? Professional Development Options for Solo Librarians

Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Strategy is Critical to Your Organization’s Web Presence

Using Gamification Techniques Can Accelerate KM Adoption

How to Become More Relevant to your Target Audience and Reap the Rewards

The Knowledge-based Content Business is Facing Digital Disruption

Using Gamification Techniques Can Accelerate KM Adoption

Using Metrics and Stories: What is a Story’s Purpose?

Using Metrics and Stories: What do we use Measurements for?

Using Metrics and Stories: What is Measurement?

From the Director’s Chair: Business as a Second, Third and Fourth Language

6 in 2016: Solving Today’s Major Challenges to ILS and KM Success

Ensuring Advocacy, Engagement, Adoption –A Conversation with Euan Semple

From the Director’s Chair: Follow the Leader

SLA 2016 Hot Topic Session: Doing More with More – Whitepaper Available Now!

Do the Original 5 Laws of Library Science Hold Up in a Digital World?

From the Director’s Chair:  The Best, the Worst, and Lessons Learned

Ben Franklin and The False Economy

Don’t Let HiPPOs Define Your KM Strategy

The Right Archiving Software Addresses 10 Top Challenges for the Archival Profession [Part 2 of 2]

The Right Archiving Software Addresses 10 Top Challenges for the Archival Profession [Part 1 of 2]

Open Source—Pretty Simple or Simply Pretty?

IT Jujutsu and the Information Professional

Seeing the Wood for the Trees—A Conversation with Euan Semple

The IT Totem Pole and the Information Professional

Secrets to Designing an Amazing User Experience (UX)

10 Ways to Ensure a Robot Doesn’t Steal Your Job

KM Gamification—Holy Grail or Child's Play?

5 Ways to Increase Museum Visitor Engagement (and Visits!) Via Your Collections Management System

The Power of Networks—A Conversation with Euan Semple

What’s New at Lucidea Labs?

The Top Three Social Technologies for Developing Organizational Strategy

The Future of Museums – Getting to Awe

Thriving In a Digital World – A Conversation with Euan Semple

5 Things to Do That Will Energize Your KM Career

Don’t Let Your Information Resources Staff Fly Blind

3 Simple Steps for Avoiding Software Purchasing Heartburn

3 Extraordinary Visual Tech Trends You Can Leverage For Your Museum

Museums and Digital Citizenship

Special Librarians Cannot Shrink Their Way to Success!

Three Social Media Platforms Museums Must Adopt

Networking Isn’t Just for Special Occasions. Here’s Why:

Sticky Marketing: Open, Closed, and Making the Lightbulb Go On

How Going Mobile Helps Museums Improve Productivity and Increase Visibility

Knowledge Management: A Disaster Recovery Must-Have

Solo Success: Time Management Apps for Solo Librarians

Are You Accountable for Managing Your Organization’s Knowledge and Intellectual Property Assets?

Throwing a Successful KM Pool Party (Part 2 of 2)

KM Pool Party or Just a Hot Mess? (Part 1 of 2)

KM Has an Image Problem

No Longer the Only Game in Town

Sticky Marketing is (Also) About Seizing Opportunities

Is Your Intranet Showing Its Age?

What’s My Motivation?

Knowledge Management: End Users, Customers, or Clients. What’s the Difference?

The (KM) Elephant in the Room

This changes everything!

Anticipate Change and Make it Work for Your Library

Can You Respond to a Lady with a Duck? Part 2

Can You Respond to a Lady with a Duck? Part 1

Good Design, Great Strategy and the Wow Factor

Which Comes First, Perception or Reality?

The Stormy Librarian Flies Solo!

Digital Leadership - Essential for KM Success

Why Content + Connection = KM 3.0 Part 2

Why Content + Connection = KM 3.0 Part 1

Empathy is a Double-Edged Sword

Your Audience is… Changing! (Part 2)

Your Audience is… Changing! (Part 1)

Is Faceted Search the Same as Search Clustering? Are They Both Guided Navigation?

Return on Partnership is as Valuable as ROI

Going Solo – 8 Skills Critical to the Success of One-Person Library Management

A Firm Foundation for Faceted Search

Preparing for The Future of KM, or Running Toward Failure?

Content Migrations – Challenge or Opportunity?

The Stormy Librarian Steps Up!

Museums and Innovation

Partnership - Many Brains Are Better Than One

IM & KM - and Where the Twain Shall Meet

Sticky Marketing:  Crowdsourced Content Curation

Are You Getting What You Need from Your Knowledge Portal?

Understanding SharePoint’s Limitations as a Knowledge Management Solution

Managing Online Research Resources – There are 9+1 Reasons You Should

The Law Firm KM Landscape: What Midsized Firms Need to Know

SLA 2015 Hot Topic Session: Building the Resilient Library –Watch the Video Now!

The Stormy Librarian Triumphs Again!

Sticky Marketing: The Opportunity for Solo Librarians

Life’s Work: Archivists Preserve, Protect and Reveal National Treasures

Sticky Marketing: What’s Your Problem?

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger – A Winning Combination; Genie and Presto Meet the Goals

Stormy Librarian Tackles Challenges Special Librarians Recognize

Law Firm Knowledge Management – A Unique Perspective

Sticky Marketing – All Onboard! The Training is leaving the Station!

Building Credibility with your IT Department

To Track or Not to Track, That is the Question

Museums and Mobile – a Huge Opportunity for Digital Visitor Service

Sticky Marketing – You Don’t Have to Shout to be Heard

Educational Testing Service (ETS) Connects the Dots with SydneyEnterprise: New Case Study

SLA 2015 Hot Topic Session: Building the Resilient Library – Whitepaper Available Now!

Sticky Marketing – The Google Imperative

The Redefined ILS: Tactical, Practical, Strategic, Sustainable

Sticky Marketing – A Quiet Method

20 Questions Your KM System or ILS Should Help Answer (+ webinar invitation!)

Educational Testing Service (ETS): Learning and Leading with Sydney ILS

The Change Resilient Librarian

Integration: The Holistic Approach to Knowledge Delivery

Independence – Situational Awareness and You

Support System: Behind the Scenes at Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Cargill Maximizes their Information Management ROI with Sydney ILS – Learn How

But isn’t SharePoint a KM application?

Curation Power: Give it All You've Got, Just Like the CU Art Museum

Webinar Event: GeniePlus Sneak Peak

Discovery: Moving Beyond Retrieval

Library Marketing Methods

Stay Local While Going Global; See How Kalamazoo Valley Museum Does It

Online Dating: SharePoint and SQL are No Match for Lucidea

Mobile and Cloud Computing for SharePoint Users, Part 2

Mobile and Cloud Computing for SharePoint Users, Part 1

Barcodes and your Collection

What does Google have to say about your library?

Faceted Searching is Just Better!

How to Avoid Empty Portal Syndrome

Lucidea / Inmagic Announces Key Presto Improvements – You Asked, We Acted!

6 Principles Supporting the Sustainable Library

Your audience is… changing!

Inventory Control for Museums via Mobile Technology

Content Found in Collection Related Documents: Making Full Use of It

The Limitations of SharePoint as a Knowledge Management System

If Only HP Knew What HP Knows