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Ready to Read: A Survivor’s Guide to Museum Grant Writing

Posted by Rachael Cristine Woody on 10/31/2018
Rachael Cristine Woody
Ready to Read: A Survivor’s Guide to Museum Grant Writing

I’m pleased to announce that my new book, A Survivor’s Guide to Museum Grant Writing, is now available. Published by Lucidea Press, it will show you how to develop a successful approach to grant writing that increases your chance of grant acquisition success.

The book includes such topics as seeing each grant application as an opportunity, learning and moving on from inevitable failures, using grant acquisition to provide valuable financial sustenance to your museum without negatively impacting staff, and applying a systematic, common sense approach that builds the necessary skills to survive the grant writing process and thrive within it.

Chapters are:

  • Identifying Funding Roadblocks
  • How Not to Apply for Grants
  • Top Ideas for Funding
  • Working Museum Problems to Find a Funding Solution
  • Constructing a Project by Breaking it Down
  • Define Project Success & Measure It
  • How to Find the Best Funding Opportunity
  • Create a Bulletproof Proposal
  • Grant Pitfalls – Know and Avoid Them
  • What Happens if You Fail?
  • When & How to Engage a Grant Specialist

Grant writing is not for the faint of heart and those who pursue it do so out of their love and commitment to the museum field.

I hope it will inspire you as you set your own grant writing strategy, and that you find the book relevant, with practicable advice and insights drawn from my career as a museum professional and consultant. The print version is available for purchase at Amazon.com, but for the moment you can get a free PDF copy in advance, courtesy of Lucidea, here.

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Topics: Museums, Strategy, Funding