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Librarians and Technology #5: Embracing Focus & Increasing Productivity

Posted by Miriam Kahn, MLS, PhD on 2/26/2019

As information professionals we work with technology all the time. It has built-in benefits and pitfalls. When we ignore or harness the addictive nature of technology, when we maintain our focus and minimize distractions, we increase our productivity. That’s quite a claim, but we all know it’s true. We also know that multitasking isn’t a real skill, it’s a concentration breaker.

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Topics: Technology, Special Librarians

Dedicated or part time embedded librarians: What works best for your organization?

Posted by Miriam Kahn, MLS, PhD on 6/19/2018

Embedded librarians can be dedicated staff members, or available upon request on an ‘as needed’ basis. Which strategy works best for your organization, project, and budget?

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Topics: Professional Development, Special Librarians

The Right ILS for You—Do You Build or Buy?

Posted by Ron Aspe, CEO on 6/12/2018

When planning an integrated library system (ILS) implementation, you should remember that software applications are not like houses: it costs a lot more to build an application from scratch than to buy a new one. But why is that?

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Topics: Integrated Library Systems, ILS, Special Librarians, Open source

What Does Success Look Like for the Special Library? SLA 2017 Hot Topics Panel (Revisited)

Posted by Lucidea on 6/5/2018

Special librarians know that to ensure sustainability they must build a strategy, embrace change, and even create it. They know that the path to success includes doing more with the tools they have, and the skills they’ve built. But do special librarians truly recognize success when they achieve it? Equally important, do they focus on communicating the value of their success to leadership and peers?

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Topics: Professional Development, Marketing, Special Librarians

Part 2: Benefits and Value of Embedded Special Librarianship

Posted by Miriam Kahn, MLS, PhD on 5/25/2018

Embedded information professionals share their expertise across the enterprise—which benefits from increased awareness of internal resources and projects. Embedded special librarians add value by bridging information silos while disseminating information throughout the organization.

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Topics: Professional Development, Special Librarians

Why an Integrated Library System (ILS) is Key to Your Independence

Posted by Lucidea on 5/15/2018

People who need people may indeed be the luckiest people in the world, but if you depend on others in order to do your job successfully, you’re going to need a strategy that embraces both daily partnership and situational independence.

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Topics: Integrated Library Systems, ILS, Special Librarians

Part 1: Embedded Librarians and Information Professionals—In the Thick of Things

Posted by Miriam Kahn, MLS, PhD on 5/8/2018

Embedded special librarians are contributing members of their departments or groups. They are in the thick of things, participating fully in the development of projects, integration of new services, or dissemination of materials and information throughout the organization and its clientele.

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Topics: Professional Development, Special Librarians