Museums and Millennials – The Art of Engagement

2 minute read
Posted by Ron Aspe, CEO on 12/12/2017

In his Adweek article, Millennials are Discovering Art by Ditching Museums for Instagram and Pinterest, Robert Klara asserts that “social media has nudged museums aside as the primary venue by which American consumers discover works of art.” Don’t let your museum be nudged aside!

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Topics: Museums, Social Media, Collections Management Software, Museum Collections Management Software

Is Artificial Intelligence All That and a Bag of Chips?

2 minute read
Posted by Ron Aspe, CEO on 11/9/2017

There will, no doubt, be certain jobs and industries that will be dramatically impacted by artificial intelligence (AI). However, that can be said about virtually any technological innovation introduced in the past 30 years. A more interesting question might be, “How does the hype surrounding AI affect my career today?”

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What Could You have in Common with The Metropolitan Museum of Art?

2 minute read
Posted by Lucidea on 1/25/2017

Photo: David Ohmer

Many of our Argus clients are feeling inspired by the achievements of Thomas P. Campbell, director of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, who among many things, is an advocate for digitizing museum content and publishing online exhibits.

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Becoming Even More Relevant to your Target Audience: Webinar Reprise

1 minute read
Posted by Lucidea on 1/20/2017
Due to popular demand, we are reprising a webinar presented by museum evangelist and strategist Nina Simon, where she drew upon research for her book, The Art of Relevance, and offered substantive, creative, and inspiring advice on how to increase your organization’s relevance to communities you hope to engage. Join us on February 2nd and see how Nina’s advice applies whether you work in a library, a museum, a theater, a park, an academic institution or a corporation.
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Topics: Museums, Museum Collections Management Software, Collections Management Software, Strategy

Open Source—Pretty Simple or Simply Pretty?

4 minute read
Posted by Phil Green on 8/19/2016

This is the third in a series of posts on IT and the information Professional. When I chat with information professionals and IT managers about open source software, they often talk about two key concepts:

  • It’s free
  • Bug fixes and enhancements come from the community

While both of these statements are true, they fail to paint the whole picture and hide some pretty ugly truths.

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Topics: Library Management, Knowledge Management, Integrated Library Systems, Knowledge Management Systems, Museum Collections Management Software, Collections Management Software, Strategy, Archives

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