SharePoint, SQL and Online Dating

3 minute read
Posted by Phil Green on 7/25/2017

I am often asked “What do I tell IT when they want to replace an existing Lucidea solution with one they promise to build in SharePoint?” Well, there are many advantages with our Lucidea solutions, but here I’d like to share one simple but very powerful differentiator: date handling and date searching. Once you’ve read this, you’ll have a thought-provoking response for IT!

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Topics: Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management Systems, Inmagic Presto, Information Management, Integrated Library Systems, Library Management, SydneyEnterprise, GeniePlus, Argus, Management

Global Navigation Enhancements—What’s on the Menu?

2 minute read
Posted by Lucidea on 3/10/2017

We’re always trying to enhance our software to make it easier to navigate. Recently, we introduced a new menu system in SydneyEnterprise, GeniePlus, and Argus. It makes great use of “screen real estate” while giving you lots of choices, and personalization via “Favorites.”

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Topics: SydneyEnterprise, Integrated Library Systems, GeniePlus, Argus, Archives Collections Management Software

What Could You have in Common with The Metropolitan Museum of Art?

2 minute read
Posted by Lucidea on 1/25/2017

Photo: David Ohmer

Many of our Argus clients are feeling inspired by the achievements of Thomas P. Campbell, director of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, who among many things, is an advocate for digitizing museum content and publishing online exhibits.

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Topics: Museums, Museum Collections Management Software, Argus, Collections Management Software

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