Platform vs. Application—the KM Conundrum

2 minute read
Posted by Ron Aspe, CEO on 12/13/2018

The biggest mistake people make when selecting a KM system is to choose a platform instead of an application. The business case is dazzlingly simple—yet many organizations overlook it.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, KM Software

Part Two: Knowledge Management Networking Secrets

2 minute read
Posted by Stan Garfield on 7/5/2018

You don’t have to go it alone to sell KM inside your organization. There are many avenues available that let you take advantage of outside help when you’ve run out of ideas (or steam!) and need to regroup or re-energize. These include joining and participating in KM communities, using industry analyst reports, and interviewing your peers in other organizations.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, KM Software, Professional Development

How Your KM Platform Can Provide a Great User Experience

3 minute read
Posted by Stan Garfield on 1/25/2018

Too much focus on technology when implementing a KM program is a common problem, but you will definitely need to use software applications—so it’s important to understand them and leverage them in an optimal way. It’s imperative that you offer a truly great user experience out of the gate.

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Topics: KM Software, Knowledge Management, KM

Social KM is Better KM

2 minute read
Posted by Lucidea on 12/14/2017

It may come as a surprise that knowledge management isn’t simply about paper and electronic resources. Today's KM systems also capture the information in people's heads: the tacit knowledge, that when added to explicit knowledge completes the picture. The art and science of KM involves synthesizing the two for maximum impact. Please read on for some tips on how to make it work.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management Systems, Inmagic Presto, KM Software

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