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RISE Innventia’s Library & Presto: Uniquely Positioned to Serve the Pulp & Paper Sector

Posted by Lucidea on 2/15/2018

Rise Innventia finds success with PrestoRISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) is fully owned by the Swedish Government. The Institutes enable a competitive business environment and contribute to a sustainable society. RISE is supported by six libraries, the largest of which is within the RISE Innventia Group; it is a unique information resource for those with an interest in pulp, paper, graphic media, packaging or biorefining, offering a wide range of information services to customers worldwide, and—because of Presto—fast, efficient access to their content via the internet.

Access to online databases and other electronic resources, and use of the library's digitized collections is strategically important for RISE Innventia’s sponsoring partners and public customers. The library has a unique collection of more than 13,000 books, dissertations, reports and conference proceedings, as well as over 500 journal titles.

The library's information specialists have many years of experience supporting the public, RISE Innventia’s own researchers, and RISE Innventia’s partner organizations. Services they offer, enabled by Inmagic Presto, include:

  • The Distance Library: a full library service for RISE Innventia’s partners
  • Information searches and external monitoring
  • Tailored alerts and monitoring services
  • Development and maintenance of databases

RISE Innventia’s databases—now searchable online via Presto—include:

  • a catalog of their print and digital resources, with over 15,000 records
  • abstracts of over 7,000 research reports and publications from the last 80 years
  • their largest, Paperbase, with over 275,000 records

Praising the system’s value for money, robust functionality, customization options and flexibility, lnformation Centre Manager Ms. Camilla Burman and Information Specialist Mr. Gunnar Magnusson are very positive about being able to deliver powerful and tailored services unique within the pulp and paper sector, with just three library staff—enabled by Presto.

We invite you to learn more about the many ways RISE Innventia leverages Inmagic Presto. Read their full success story here.


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