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Presto for DB/Textworks Ultimately Helps Increase Workplace Safety, Minimize Risk

Posted by Lucidea on 4/7/2017

working-safety-hs.jpgWe interviewed the Research and Information Coordinator for a publicly funded trade association and leader in workplace health and safety education, to find out how they leverage Presto for DB/Textworks to widely disseminate information that helps companies fulfill the vision of workplaces without injuries, illnesses, or fatalities. Please read on for more information about Presto’s far reaching impact.

PFTA* is an evolving organization, with various functional areas that require library support to make their materials and information available to ~170 Association staff along with 800 network committee members, and through them to the industry as a whole. PFTA originally leveraged a custom-built library system, which became out of date and was no longer technically viable. They needed a new solution with at least the same functionality as their custom-built system, while being cost-effective and vendor supported. After an extensive competitor review, they selected DB/TextWorks. With it, along with many other benefits, PFTA fulfilled an organizational mandate to develop databases that organize information from other sources outside to the library.

PFTA has geographically distributed staff, including researchers. Where once it was easy for people to walk down the hall to the library, remote access to resources via the Web became critical. Budget constraints made implementation of a Web solution impossible—until Inmagic unveiled Presto for DB/TextWorks. The pressing need for a vendor hosted solution emerged at the same time remote access became imperative, so with the implementation of Presto for DB/TextWorks, PFTA chose the software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. The benefits of server efficiency, including upgrades and maintenance (without the need to rely on internal IT support) represent a significant upside.

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*We substitute “PFTA” for the association name, since publicly funded organizations are governed by public services agreements and request anonymity.


Topics: Knowledge Management, Inmagic Presto, Success Story