The Stormy Librarian Goes Back in Time

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Posted by Lucidea on 1/13/2017

 The Stormy Librarian Goes Back in Time.png

As we head into a New Year, Stormy is taking some time to think about her role, and wondering how librarianship and a library’s purpose may have changed in the 35 years since S. R. Ranganathan wrote his “Five Laws of Library Science.”

In the latest installment of this entertaining animated series, Stormy asks herself how the five core principles of librarianship apply, or have changed, during the years since Ranganathan presented them. She’s particularly interested in how technological advances impact the principles, and in how they might be reinterpreted in a world full of digitized, multimedia content that is shared well beyond the walls of a physical library.

Just to refresh, the Five Laws are:

  • Books are for use
  • Every reader his/her book
  • Every book its reader
  • Save the time of the reader
  • The library is a growing organism

Stormy imagines the library growing every year with new content and technology, and reminds herself to always be on the lookout for new ways to improve what she offers her users. Please watch the video for a good reminder of the original five principles, and to see how they are still relevant today.

Topics: Library Management, Solo Librarianship, Management, Integrated Library Systems

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