The Stormy Librarian Triumphs Again!

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Posted by Sotto Voce Communications on 11/4/2015

As highlighted in Lucidea’s lighthearted short video introducing The Stormy Librarian, there are many information and knowledge management challenges common to special librarians the world over, no matter what sector, organization size or geography. Strategies to solve these are important for the sustainability of the profession - and help is on the way.

In the next installment of this entertaining animated series, Stormy feels alone, and is experiencing the loss of control that can happen when you’re stuck between an unresponsive vendor and your overworked IT department. See what happens in her darkest hour, and learn how she moves from despair to triumph, with a little help from Lucidea.

If, like Stormy, you would like to be more self-sufficient and move your information management strategy forward, check out the video above to learn more about how SydneyEnterprise can help you take control of your library and KM application, and to request a demo.

Topics: Library Management, Knowledge Management

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