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What’s My Motivation?

Posted by Ron Aspe, CEO on 4/12/2016
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Recently, one of our clients told us, “I feel Lucidea’s purpose is similar to ours.” But what, really, is our shared purpose? It’s to help people “Think Clearly.”

Information professionals offer a wide variety of services to their end users, customers and clients – all with the goal of making it easy for people to find and leverage knowledge assets in order to:

  • solve problems
  • build new knowledge
  • develop new products and services
  • educate themselves

In other words, to move along the spectrum from data to knowledge, and “think clearly” about the challenges and ideas they are contemplating.

Redefining how knowledge is shared

For people to think clearly, they must have the right information. Our goal is to support the people who know where that information resides and empower them with capabilities to make it accessible and discoverable.

It’s no longer enough to list your resources on a web site. Your content must be discoverable to those seeking knowledge. If you Google “sprained ankle,” you don’t just get to WebMD’s home page - you get directly to relevant content.

There is a growing expectation that information we are interested in will find us. Amazon tells us what other books might be of interest based on past purchases. With “push” technologies widely available, if I’m a lawyer, shouldn’t I reasonably expect that I’ll be kept abreast of any new information in my practice area without any more effort than opening my email?

Yes, you can get there from here

We want to make having a comprehensive, relevant and accessible digital presence easy for every knowledge intensive organization. Thanks to web-based solutions and SaaS subscriptions, knowledge creators, publishers and users everywhere can have easy access to cost effective and customizable knowledge transfer solutions. With a truly powerful and innovative ILS or KM solution, all information professionals require is a connection to the Internet and a good understanding of clients’ needs and preferences.

No compromises necessary

Today, it’s very much about the user experience (UX). People want products that engage them. Imagine what you’d achieve if you could give your information seeking “audience” exactly what they want. For our clients, LucideaCore’s DesignSuite makes it not only possible, but easy. With DesignSuite, non-technical people can create great-looking, powerful knowledge sharing environments that engage, inspire and inform.

Shared purpose, shared knowledge

To us, “Think Clearly” is a call-to-action that:

  • illustrates for our clients Lucidea’s purpose as a software solutions provider, and
  • reminds us of the greater goal that we have in common with our clients: "To redefine the way knowledge is shared.”

Are you leveraging technology to help your end users, customers or clients “think clearly?” If so, let us know – we’d love to hear about it.

Topics: Library Management, Knowledge Management, Information Management