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Phil Wensley

Phil Wensley is Lucidea's Sr. Sales Executive, Western Region. For over 18 years, Phil has specialized in connecting Special Libraries with the right solution for their library's needs.
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Recent Posts

Migrating to a New ILS/LMS Doesn’t Have to Hurt

Posted by Phil Wensley on 10/16/2018

No matter how much you loved your library system when you first got it, given that the role of librarians keeps widening in scope (as more and more people realise the value of their librarians), and given the speed of technology developments, there comes a point when changing your ILS/LMS can be worth the effort.

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Topics: ILS, Strategy

6 in 2016: Solving Today’s Major Challenges to ILS and KM Success

Posted by Phil Wensley on 9/28/2016

With our focus on understanding our clients’ needs and staying up to date on their implementations and successes, we at Lucidea enjoy a unique opportunity to learn about the major challenges special librarians and knowledge managers are facing. As well as underpinning our R&D efforts, this allows us to share current best practices and fruitful strategies with information professionals around the world.

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Topics: Library Management, Knowledge Management