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Open Source—Pretty Simple or Simply Pretty?

Posted by Phil Green on 8/19/2016

This is the third in a series of posts on IT and the information Professional. When I chat with information professionals and IT managers about open source software, they often talk about two key concepts:

  • It’s free
  • Bug fixes and enhancements come from the community

While both of these statements are true, they fail to paint the whole picture and hide some pretty ugly truths.

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Topics: Library Management, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management Systems, Collections Management Software, Integrated Library Systems, Museum Collections Management Software, Strategy, Archives

Knowledge Management: End Users, Customers, or Clients. What’s the Difference?

Posted by Lucidea on 4/8/2016

We’ve been thinking a lot lately about the term “end user,” which is how most special librarians and knowledge management professionals refer to those who benefit from their services, content and products. We believe there are fundamental differences between “end users,” “customers” and “clients”—which if recognized, accommodated and leveraged, can significantly impact the library’s role and perception within an organization.

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Topics: Library Management, Knowledge Management, Information Management, Knowledge Management Systems

Understanding SharePoint’s Limitations as a Knowledge Management Solution

Posted by Phil Green on 12/3/2015

The SharePoint juggernaut continues in corporate enterprise environments. But 15 years after the product was first launched, clear evidence of SharePoint’s strengths and weaknesses as a knowledge management platform is emerging from objective industry observers.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, SharePoint, Knowledge Management Systems