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Stephen Abram is a popular Lucidea Webinars presenter. He is the past president of SLA, and the Canadian and Ontario Library Associations. He is the CEO of Lighthouse Consulting and the executive director of the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries. He blogs personally at Stephen’s Lighthouse ( Watch for his new book from Lucidea Press on management tips for librarians, coming in autumn 2017!
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Part One: Working Across the Generations—Getting Over the Hump

Posted by Stephen Abram on 7/27/2017

I’ve spent a lot of time with new graduates in our profession—those who have started on the path to great librarianship but struggle with finding their footing in the world of library teams—and I’ve noticed some themes. Please read on to find out what librarians have in common with camels.

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Topics: Library Management, Solo Librarianship, Integrated Library Systems, Stephen Abram, Working Across Generations

Elevator Speeches: No Magic Beans

Posted by Stephen Abram on 6/13/2017

Over the past few years we have heard a lot about the special role of elevator speeches—those sound bites you practice in case you have the ear of a key decision maker or influencer in your organization for a few floors. I love this tactic, but let’s remember that it’s just a micro-skill and we can’t leave our communication strategies up to chance encounters.

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Topics: Library Management, Small Library Management, Integrated Library Systems

How Do Ideas Grow?

Posted by Stephen Abram on 5/24/2017

You’ve got an imagination. You’re creative. Librarians often say they’re not—so typically modest—but generally acknowledge that the magic in getting answers and insights from information is a creative act. Librarians are experts in that. If you’re too self-effacing to present yourself as an expert, can you simply admit to your expertise?

In this first post (of many) for Lucidea’s Think Clearly Blog, I’ll put forward two frameworks for thinking about how to successfully present creative ideas for innovation and change within your organization.

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Topics: Library Management, Solo Librarianship, SydneyEnterprise, Integrated Library Systems, GeniePlus

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