Marketing Your Library: The Benefits For Special Libraries

3 minute read
Posted by Lucidea on 2/13/2018

Library marketing has become a hot topic, with public libraries working hard to increase footfall and enroll new members. With regard to special libraries, some companies believe that since the library is in place, staff will automatically flock to it. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case despite the fact that their users are a captive audience.

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Topics: Library Marketing, Integrated Library Systems, Special Libraries, ILS, Library Automation Software

Access is Not Equal to Know-how

5 minute read
Posted by Stephen Abram on 1/30/2018

Are you still hearing that hackneyed old comment, “Most everything’s available on the web now, so exactly why do we need librarians?” I certainly am! Arghhh! It’s coming from all quarters and other professionals too. In financially tumultuous times, when every cent is being scrutinized to within a centimeter of its life, we can expect this ugly example of shallow thinking to raise its head again and again. It’s time to remind ourselves of quick ways to respond to these comments.

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Topics: Library Marketing, Special Libraries

Blogging as a Special Librarian

6 minute read
Posted by Stephen Abram on 1/2/2018

Are you a blogging newbie? I doubt that! Been blogging for a while and now you’re feeling stuck? Has the dreaded writer’s block virus hit you? Feeling uninspired, all out of ideas, or not feeling very creative? Simply don’t know how to blog in your sector? Fear not; blogs still have some life in them!

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Topics: Library Marketing, User Engagement

Elevator Speeches: No Magic Beans

4 minute read
Posted by Stephen Abram on 12/19/2017

Over the past few years we have heard a lot about the special role of elevator speeches—those sound bites you practice in case you have the ear of a key decision maker or influencer in your organization for a few floors. I love this tactic, but let’s remember that it’s just a micro-skill and we can’t leave our communication strategies up to chance encounters. Let’s learn how to make our own magical moments.

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Topics: Library Management, Library Marketing, Library Strategy

How (and Why) My Favorite Brick and Mortar Bookstore Continues to Thrive

2 minute read
Posted by Ron Aspe, CEO on 11/30/2017

Frequent travelers through San Francisco’s airport who love to read have probably stopped in at Compass Books in Terminal 3. The quality and range of their selection always impresses me, as do the knowledgeable staff. Recently, when SFO underwent significant renovations, I feared the store had closed—another victim of the digital age.

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Topics: Library Management, Library Marketing, Information Management, Special Library Management, Customer Engagement

Ensuring Advocacy, Engagement, Adoption –A Conversation with Euan Semple

3 minute read
Posted by Lucidea on 9/23/2016

Earlier this year, we presented a “KM Conversation” with well-known enterprise social network expert, author and consultant Euan Semple. During our session “The New Knowledge Ecosystem: Content and Connection,” Euan shared his thoughts on what it takes to build advocacy, engagement and adoption of enterprise social networks, and why it’s important.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, Library Marketing

Sticky Marketing is (Also) About Seizing Opportunities

2 minute read
Posted by Sarah Nichols on 4/20/2016

One of the biggest challenges when implementing a knowledge management strategy or platform is getting leadership buy-in and visible advocacy. If you have that, it goes a long way to solving a second significant challenge: user engagement and adoption. A sticky marketing approach can help.

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Topics: Library Management, Knowledge Management, Library Marketing, Sticky Marketing

Sticky Marketing – A Quiet Method

3 minute read
Posted by Sarah Nichols on 7/9/2015

Self-promotion is difficult for everyone …well, except the Kardashians. And it can be especially challenging for those of us who aren’t extroverted, or who simply don’t have a knack for it.

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Topics: Library Marketing, Sticky Marketing

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