Archives Collections Management Applications—the Buy Versus Build Conundrum

2 minute read
Posted by Lucidea on 2/1/2017

In discussions with our archives clients, we often hear this: “I’m using a system that an old colleague built for me and it doesn’t work well. There’s no documentation, and the guy who built it is no longer with our organization.” Why is this a problem? Let us count the ways.

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Topics: Archives Management, Archives Collection Management Software, Archives Management Software

The Arizona State Archives—Fulfilling their Mission to Increase Public Access

2 minute read
Posted by Lucidea on 1/17/2017

The Arizona State Archives collects and preserves permanent public records, historical manuscripts, photographs and other materials that contribute to the understanding of Arizona history. With six professionals overseeing their many collections of government materials, private manuscript collections, oral histories and photos, documenting everything and making it accessible is a huge challenge. With CuadraSTAR SKCA (STAR Knowledge Center for Archives), their collections are now more visible and available than ever before.

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Topics: Archives Management, Archives Collection Management Software, CuadraSTAR SKCA, Archives Management Software

Build Versus Buy—3 Points to Ponder

3 minute read
Posted by Ron Aspe, CEO on 12/16/2016

Software applications are not like houses: it costs a lot more to build an application from scratch than to buy a new one. But why is that?

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Topics: Library Management, Collections Management, Knowledge Management, Archives Management, Archives Management Software, Knowledge Management Systems, Collections Management Software, Integrated Library Systems

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