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KM and Gamification: Examples of Tangible Rewards

Posted by Lucidea on 8/30/2018

Our KM Conversation webinar series included a chat with knowledge management evangelist and expert Stan Garfield about using gamification techniques, including offering tangible rewards for participation in a KM program.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, KM, Customer Engagement

Argus Turns a Museum’s Challenge into a Success; Carpe Diem

Posted by Lucidea on 7/11/2018

Image: University of Missouri’s Museum of Art and Archaeology

The University of Missouri’s Museum of Art and Archaeology exists to “advance…understanding of artistic and cultural heritage through research, collection and interpretation. [They] further their mission by preserving, enhancing and providing access to the collections for the benefit of present and future generations.” A museum staff of 12 (including part-time and student help) manage a collection of almost 16,000 objects, with a particularly strong antiquities collection.

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Topics: Museums, Collections Management

Inmagic Presto V5.0 – Knowledge Management Software Informed by Our Clients

Posted by Lucidea on 6/28/2018

Our latest Inmagic Presto release includes a number of exciting capabilities that enable knowledge managers to offer users an ever more visually appealing, easily navigable, personalized and efficient KM platform.

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Topics: Inmagic Presto, KM, Knowledge Management Software

Inmagic Presto Brings a Town’s History to Life – The Sudbury Archives

Posted by Lucidea on 6/7/2018

The Local History and Genealogy Room, known as The Sudbury Archives, is located within the Goodnow Library in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Sudbury was one of the very first inland towns in Massachusetts, and there are many families who can trace themselves, through town records, back to the early 1600s. The library’s historical collections are available to the general public for research involving local, genealogical and/or historical issues.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, Special Libraries, KM

What Does Success Look Like for the Special Library? SLA 2017 Hot Topics Panel (Revisited)

Posted by Lucidea on 6/5/2018

Special librarians know that to ensure sustainability they must build a strategy, embrace change, and even create it. They know that the path to success includes doing more with the tools they have, and the skills they’ve built. But do special librarians truly recognize success when they achieve it? Equally important, do they focus on communicating the value of their success to leadership and peers?

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Topics: Professional Development, Marketing, Special Librarians

Accelerate KM Adoption through Point Scoring

Posted by Lucidea on 5/31/2018

During a “KM Conversation” with knowledge management evangelist and expert Stan Garfield, he focused on using gamification techniques—including awarding points and point scoring—to help build user engagement and ensure your KM platform is vibrant and widely leveraged within your organization.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, KM, User Engagement

KM Adoption Can be Increased Through Gamification Techniques

Posted by Lucidea on 5/24/2018

During our “KM Conversation” with knowledge management evangelist and expert Stan Garfield, “Gamification Accelerates KM Adoption,” he focused on how you can use gamification techniques to crack the challenging problem of building user engagement and ensuring that your KM platform is vibrant and widely leveraged within your organization.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, KM, User Engagement

Digital Archives & The American College of Surgeons

Posted by Lucidea on 5/21/2018

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) is a scientific and educational association of surgeons that was founded in 1913 to improve the quality of care for the surgical patient by setting high standards for surgical education and practice. The College Archives, located in the headquarters building in Chicago, collects and preserves inactive College records of enduring value and makes them available for research to its members and to the general public.

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Topics: Archives Collections Management Software, Digital Archives, Archives

Why an Integrated Library System (ILS) is Key to Your Independence

Posted by Lucidea on 5/15/2018

People who need people may indeed be the luckiest people in the world, but if you depend on others in order to do your job successfully, you’re going to need a strategy that embraces both daily partnership and situational independence.

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Topics: Integrated Library Systems, ILS, Special Librarians

5 Educational Elements of Knowledge Management

Posted by Lucidea on 5/10/2018

In his recent post, 5 Steps for Beginners to Implement a Knowledge Management System, Zach Warren gives an overview of a KM session he attended during 2018’s CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Conference) in April. He joined the beginners portion of the session, led by KM experts from Baker McKenzie and Cisco, whose recommendations are just as relevant outside the legal sector.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, Proven Practices, KM

Timeless Collections Management—Argus for Now, Argus for the Future

Posted by Lucidea on 5/2/2018

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is the largest art museum in Atlantic Canada; it is an agency of the Province of Nova Scotia and one of the premier arts institutions in Canada. The Gallery is a gateway for the visual arts in Atlantic Canada and is responsible for acquiring, preserving and exhibiting works of art, and for providing education in the visual arts. They manage their collections with Argus.

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Topics: Museums, Success Story, Collections Management Software

6 Keys to Special Library Sustainability

Posted by Lucidea on 5/1/2018

The simple truth is, there are serious challenges to the long-term sustainability of special libraries, most of which can be turned into opportunities if you develop a strategy for continuous improvement and are proactive.

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Topics: Management, Special Libraries, Strategy

Why Special Libraries are Important Destinations

Posted by Lucidea on 4/24/2018

There is a great deal of emphasis on “the virtual library” and the substitution of digital resources for print, but the allure of the library as a destination persists, most especially in the public sector. However, many of the reasons that public libraries attract visitors apply to special libraries as well.

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Topics: Special Libraries, User Engagement, Strategy

SydneyEnterprise is the Law Firm Library Efficiency Engine

Posted by Lucidea on 4/17/2018

Duane Morris LLP is a Philadelphia-based law firm with more than 800 attorneys in 28 offices, practicing in the U.S., U.K. and Asia. The firm serves a broad array of clients worldwide and provides innovative solutions to legal and business challenges.

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Topics: Integrated Library Systems, Special Libraries, ILS

How to Turn Searching into Discovery

Posted by Lucidea on 4/12/2018

What actually motivates users of a knowledge management system? It’s the feeling we get at the moment of discovery. Yes, we need the information we are seeking, but it’s the buzz we get when we find it that keeps us engaged. And if we get the hit we’re looking for, we’ll come back—guaranteed.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, KM, User Engagement

Solutions to Common Law Firm KM Challenges

Posted by Lucidea on 4/5/2018

Midsized law firms face unique challenges when it comes to knowledge management. As large multinational firms must, they need to provide a solid KM foundation, protect and leverage the firm’s knowledge assets, and utilize the best technology for the firm’s KM requirements—but unlike their larger brethren, midsized firms are often resource constrained. What does KM success look like for midsized firms, and how can you get there too?

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Topics: Knowledge Management, LawPort, KM, Legal Intranet and Portal Software, Law Firms

Part Two: Why Content + Connection = KM 3.0

Posted by Lucidea on 3/22/2018

In our previous post on the changing habits of information consumers and the changing role of information professionals as part of the knowledge supply chain, we shared examples of increasing complexity, underpinned by technology and changes in personal preference. In this post, let’s take a look at the third paradigm (KM 3.0) and see what it means for the sustainability and relevance of knowledge managers and special librarians.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, KM

Part One: Why Content + Connection = KM 3.0

Posted by Lucidea on 3/15/2018

After one of Stan Garfield’s successful KM webinars, an audience member asked a question about Enterprise Social Networks and their value. It makes one think about the ways in which information consumption is changing and has changed over time—and how our personal habits are a key driver of this change.

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Topics: Knowledge Management, KM